The only app with a Baby Sleep Coach

We have reimagined baby sleep. Regain confidence, feel at ease and help your baby be extraordinary.

Curated content, relaxing music and a baby sleep coach to help you for just $19.99/month

“Within five days Rio was sleeping for 12 hours straight. I couldn’t believe it.” – as seen in BBC News

“For tired parents and babies, Lullaai could help everyone get a more peaceful night.”

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How Does it Help Me?

1. A Sleep Coach By Your Side

Get the help you need from a Certified Baby Sleep Coach. Set your objectives with your coach, from simple advice to the full implementation of a Sleep Plan.

With Lullaai’s chat, you don’t need to schedule appointments. Your assigned coach will follow up every day and discuss improvements for tonight.

Our coaches have one goal, to help your baby sleep better.

2. We have your night covered

Perfect Sleep Mode is your assistant at night. With our innovative sound routines it will help your baby relax, fall asleep and reduce wakeups.

We don’t believe in playing white sounds through the night, Lullaai detects when your baby is waking up and plays sound to relax him again. We avoid sounds becoming a sleep association.

Thanks to this unique tech, the app auto registers the night, all without uploading sounds to the cloud.


3. Curated Content

Our team of experts: Paediatricians, Psychologists and Certified Sleep Coaches have created a full guide to help you understand your baby’s sleep.

With the included content we want to empower you to make the best decisions for your child’s sleep, setting your objectives and achieving your goals.



Our mission: Your family's wellbeing

Lullaai was created with one idea in mind: Everybody should have access to the best baby sleep expertise.

The Lullaai team believes sleep debt shouldn’t  be an obstacle in your family’s development.

But the most important thing is: Lullaai is based on the personal experience of its founders: Parents, just like you!

We have created the Lullaai Plan using the know-how of our team of experts. This easy to understand guide was created to be followed at your own pace.

Some Popular Questions

Lullaai Premium includes unlimited messages to your assigned Sleep Coach, access to all the content, and music themes that help your baby relax.

The coach will prepare a personalized sleep plan for your baby, follow-up with you, and adjust the plan when needed.e

We know that a full sleep plan with a coach usually starts at $500 or 300£/€, yet we are offering the same for just 19.99/month. There is no secret here, we also do video consultations, and they cost a lot of money. Video consultations take up a lot of time; the coaches have to get ready, book slots, ensure audio and video quality are good, sometimes parents don’t show up or get rescheduled… etc.

Since we do it via chat, our coaches can answer your questions whenever is best for them.

We have many years of experience in baby sleep training. We have even gone through it ourselves! So we know that the best solution is not a one shot but rather a constant follow-up.

That is why we have redefined the baby sleep training process to make it more reliant on follow-up rather than one call and let you go by yourself.

First of all, you will get an assigned coach, so please be mindful that your coach has schedules and sometimes their own baby to attend to :). Since it is your assigned coach, she will know you and your situation.

Once your coach understands your situation, she will send you a plan and follow up with you, making the necessary adjustments.

Please, remember that patience is a key part of improving your baby’s sleep.

Totally, Sleep Training is recommended by Craig Canapari – Director of the Paediatric Sleep Unit at Yale.

We work with experienced sleep coaches and always ensure that yo have a positive experience.

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