Get the sleep your baby
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Lullaai combines the best research, baby sleep trainer expertise and the power of technology to approach baby sleep from all its angles. Lullaai simplifies the way you understand and manage baby sleep.

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Perfect Night Mode

Soothes your baby
as you would.

Our AI recognizes your baby’s sleep phase and creates sounds adapted to your baby. Simply tap Lullaai to start the process. Lullaai learns what combination of sounds and volume soothe your baby best, just as you would.

Perfect Night Mode Lullaai baby sleep app
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Automatic Baby Sleep Tracking.

No need to log your nights.

One tap and set the phone aside. Lullaai will automatically start tracking your baby sleep so that you can focus on what matters most. No bright screens in the middle of the night.


Start creating healthy sleep habits with your baby.

We have created a whole library of content filled with leading research and all the expertise from our in-house baby sleep consultant. Check our day to day guides, custom sleep routines and tips and tricks.

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Lullaai Baby Sleep
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Elena Moraleda
Elena Moraleda
sólo puedo estar agradecida a celeste, desde el primer día mi bebé de 9 meses ha empezado a dormir hasta 9 horas del tirón, cuando apenas aguantaba 1 ó 2 . parece magia!!! el método es respetuoso con el bebé, ojalá me hubiese decidido antes.
Almudena Suarez Garcia
Almudena Suarez Garcia
Gracias a Celeste, mi bebé de siete meses duerme once horas del tirón. La semana pasada apenas dormía un par de horas seguidas, y yo estaba agotada.Lo recomiendo totalmente. Él está encantado porque descansa y es un método respetuoso con el niño.De lo único que me arrepiento, es de no... haberlo hecho antes.Muchas more
Cris San Juan Breña
Cris San Juan Breña
Excelentes profesionales, que entienden cada caso y los resultado se ven en pocos días


Bonding and relaxing with your baby.

With our 20 minutes pre bed routines you will be creating a special time to bond with and enjoy your baby. No more struggling to fall asleep.

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