¿Looking for some good sleep for you and your baby?

We have reimagined baby sleep for those parents who want to regain confidence, feel at ease and help their babies be extraordinary.

Lullaai stands for sleep habits for the whole family

Sleep helps our body rest and our mind relax, it is our natural way of getting ready for a new day.

At Lullaai we know how important sleep is for the wellbeing of the whole family, that is why we want to help you at the one of the hardest, and best moments of your life.

We believe that you, parents, know whats best for your baby, and that if you follow along, at your own rythm, together we will achieve restful nights.

At your own rythm

Night by Night Sleep Plan

The Lullaai Method lets you follow along at your own pace. With a dedicated night by night guide to help your baby, and you sleep better at night.

Relax, we take care

With the Perfect Night Mode, we will play sound routines that will help your baby relax to sleep through the night.

¿Worried about the night wake ups? Not a problem anymore. Lullaai detects when your baby wakes up in the middle of the night and automatically plays sounds that will help him/her fall asleep again. 

Space for your Relaxation and Wellbeing

At Lullaai we believe in the importance of your family’s wellbeing, but also yours.

Taking care of yourself means acknowledging your feelings and seeing how sleep can affect them. 

Automatic Baby Sleep Tracking.

No need to log your nights

One tap and set the phone aside. Lullaai will automatically start tracking your baby’s  sleep so that you can focus on what matters most. No bright screens in the middle of the night.


Start creating healthy sleep habits along with your baby

We have created a whole library of content filled with leading research and all the expertise from our in-house baby sleep consultant. Check our day to day guides, custom sleep routines and tips and tricks.

Our purpose is your purpose

Lullaai was created with one idea in mind: Everybody should have access to the best baby sleep expertise.

We fervently believe sleep debt shouldn’t  be an obstacle in your family development. Lullaai is formed on the personal experience of their founders.

When Amelia arrived, the lack of sleep disrupted the whole family and completely changed the family dynamics.

Getting in contact with a Sleep Coach – Future Lullaai Founder – Made everything easier. Taking care of the baby and her older sister, eating healthier and the wellbeing of the family completely improved.

We have created the Lullaai Method, an easy to understand method, to follow at your own pace that handles your bundle of joy with care.


The natural way of helping your baby sleep

With our 20 minutes pre bed routines you will be creating a special time to bond with and enjoy your baby. No more struggling to fall asleep.

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