Does Lullaai use cookies?

Lullaai uses cookies and other similar technologies to ensure that all website users have the best possible experience.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that a web page server places on your hard drive. Cookies contain information that can then be read by an Internet server in the domain that issued it. If you wish to obtain more information about each type of cookie, see our list of cookies. The latter is updated every six months, additional cookies may not be listed. Web beacons, tags and scripts can be used on the website or in emails to help us send cookies, count the number of visits, understand the use and effectiveness of an advertising campaign and to determine if a email. Our service / analysis providers may send us reports based on the use of these technologies individually and globally.

Why do we use cookies?

When you visit our website, we may place cookies in your browser. These are first level cookies that allow us to keep the session information while browsing the site. On our site, we use cookies, for example, to understand the preferences of visitors and users, to improve their experience, as well as to monitor and analyze usage, navigation and other statistical information. You can control the use of cookies through your browser. If you choose not to enable cookies or disable them later, you can continue visiting our site, but some features may be limited.

How to disable cookies?

In general, it is possible to enable or disable cookies later through your Internet browser. Find your browser below to get more information about cookie management settings.

  • Firefox: Click here for more information on “Private browsing” and cookie management settings.
  • Chrome: Click here for more information about “Incognito” and cookie management settings.
  • Internet Explorer: Click here for more information on “Internet Explorer InPrivate” and cookie management settings.
  • Safari: Click here for more information about “Safari Private Browsing” and cookie management settings.

For more information about cookies or how to control, disable or delete cookies, visit for more detailed advice.

In addition, some third-party ad networks, such as Google, allow users to disable or customize their Internet browsing preferences. For more information about this Google feature, click here.

Cookies used by Lullaai

Many jurisdictions require or recommend that Internet site operators disclose the types of cookies used and, in some cases, obtain the consent of users before depositing certain cookies.

We can use one of the following categories of cookies on our site, as indicated below. Each cookie belongs to one of four categories:

essentialEssential cookiescookies (first level cookies) are sometimes called “strictly essential” because without them, we cannot provide you with the many services you need on the site. Essential cookies help, for example, to remember your preferences when browsing the site.
analysisCookiesThese cookies collect information about the site query, which allows us to make improvements and judge our performance. For example, we analyze the behavior of visitors and users to provide more relevant content or suggest certain activities. These cookies collect information on how visitors use the site, the site through which the user was redirected, the number of visits per user and how long a user remains on the site. We can also use analysis cookies to test new ads, pages or features, and see how users respond.
Functional cookies or preferred cookiesWhen you visit the site, these cookies are used to remember the information entered or the choices made, such as your username, language or region. They also record your preferences when you customize the site to optimize your use of Lullaai (for example, your preferred language). These preferences are saved by persistent cookies. The next time you visit the site, you will not have to configure them again.
guidance or advertisingCookies from These cookies from external providers are sent by third-party advertising platforms or networks to transmit ads and track their performance, which allows you to transmit ads that may be of interest depending on your activities on the site (c what It is sometimes called behavioral, follow-up or targeted advertising.) The information of your visit can be used to show advertisements that may interest you, both on our site and on third-party sites. These cookies store, for example, the browsers that visited the site.