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Healthy Practices

At Lullaai we are constantly working hard to improve the quality of sleep of families worldwide. 

Our medical team is in charge of providing highest quality standards.

Lead Pediatric Sleep Consultant & Co-Founder

Amelia Hunter

Amelia specialized in children’s sleep through the Sleep Consultant Certification Program in Florida (United States) and has a Mental Health training from the Children’s Sleep Institute and the Department of Psychology at the Children’s Hospital of Toronto, Canada. In addition, she is a completed her training as a Pediatric Assistant by ISED, in Barcelona.

Throughout her experience, Amelia has worked with thousands of families around the world in order to establish healthy sleep habits and improve the quality of sleep and day to day life of families.

Amelia has provided Lullaai with all the knowledge of years of experience, practice and research in the child sleep sector and how to help families understand their babies’ sleep needs and give guidelines to cover them.

Sleep Specialist

Celeste Castilla​

Celeste has a diploma in Teaching specializing in Early Childhood Education from the University of Córdoba. She also has training in early psychomotor stimulation, child behaviour, newborn care, breastfeeding, first aid and is a Specialist in Emotional Intelligence.

Celeste began her career as a teacher and over time acquiring management duties within the institution. After 12 years, she decided to turn her career towards Family Coaching, focusing on children’s sleep, her true passion. Celeste has worked alongside Amelia for several years and has completed her studies as a child sleep specialist.

MD Pediatrician

Victoria Fioravantti Rassat

Victoria is a Pediatrician with 7 years experience both in Europe and in North America. Currently she works at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, Canada, where she has completed her fellowship in Pediatric Oncology.

Victoria is currently our in house Pediatrician and her advise is a very valuable asset to continue with Lullaai’s mission to deliver healthy sleep habits for families worldwide.


Giuliana Pacheco

Psychologist with Magna Cum Laude by the University of West Florida. Specialized on Emotional Education at University of Zaragoza and Neuroeducation at ISEP. Sleep consultant at Lullaai, passionate for wellbeing and helping parents and their little ones have healthier, happier lives.