The Lullaai Method

In 3 Easy Steps


A Guiding Light Through the Night

Being a parent is already filled with challenges, let us guide you through their sleep

We have created The Lullaai Method, a no CIO approach to Baby Sleep. Years of Experience from our Head Coach – Amelia Hunter are summed up in an easy to follow method that includes Articles, Videos and Audios.


Soothing sounds to help sleep through the night

Lullaai generates soothing sounds to help your baby sleep better through the night. Our algorithms will determine your baby’s sleep patterns and play the most suitable sound for that moment.

Lullabies, Nature Sounds and White Noises, all specifically designed to help your baby sleep better.


A Sleep Coach by your side

We provide you with all the necessary content to understand your baby’s sleep.

But sometimes you need a little extra help.

Got doubts? Questions? Being a parent is hard but we are here to help you. Our paediatric sleep specialists will help you with anything you need.

From sleepless nights
to sleeping tight

From 3 to 5 months old, babies start acquiring sleeping habits. So, by 5 months old, most babies can sleep through the night, finally giving you and your family the rest you need. But for many parents sometimes it isn’t as easy as it sounds, and they struggle daily with their babies sleeping habits.

¿Are you one of those families? ¿Are you tired of trying methods that won’t work?

If your answer is yes, don’t worry! The journey to better sleep starts right here with us!

"Children who learn how to sleep from an early age sleep better throughout their childhood, and their mothers are less likely to be depressed."

We have a plan

Healthy sleeping habits don’t start at night, but with naps.

Lullaai will advise you when is the best time to start your baby’s nap and night routine to ensure a peaceful and restful night for everyone.

A baby that barely gets through the day, will not sleep well at night.