Lullaai tips for you and your partner: Communication

Importance of communication

Communication is of the essence in a relationship. Bear in mind that merely expressing our negative emotions helps relieve them. Communicating them will allow both of you to find the right solutions and will set your little one a good example of your relationship and teach them to also express their emotions better.

Lullaai communication tips

  • Listen attentively without judgment to what your partner has to say.
  • Choose the right time to talk, e.g. when your little one is asleep and avoid times when you feel overtired. 
  • Put aside screens or distractions while talking in order to be present.
  • Express your feelings about life events specifically noting what you find annoying. For example: I feel frustrated because I feel you could help me more caring for baby.
  • Explore solutions that may accommodate both of you, such as sharing certain daily activities.

Lullaai communication tips in your role as parents

In addition to communication with each other, communication with your little one will be of the essence. Many times conflicts arise due to a lack of clear communication as to each of your limits and arriving at agreements. Therefore, at Lullaai we recommend that you:

  • Discuss parenting aspects important to you, such as parenting strategies, fair sharing of time with your little one based on each of your schedules, and parenting concerns.
  • Support each other as a team respecting your different approach to being a parent.
  • Be sure not to exclude your partner from the relationship with baby.
  • Value your partner’s qualities and recognize your partner’s difficulties so that you can work together to address them.

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