Healthy Baby Sleep for Busy Parents

We have reimagined baby sleep. Regain confidence, feel at ease and help your baby be extraordinary.


The App that has revolutionized baby sleep is here, combining the latest technology with night by night sleep routines 

The Lullaai Plan

We have created a 15 night plan to empower parents and help them establish routines and understand their babies sleep needs at every age.

Following our plan at your own pace will enable you to improve the quality of sleep for the whole family. 

Our bedtime routines include 20 mins of lullabies and music to create the perfect sleep environment and help you bond with your baby before bed. 

Your sleep assistant

Perfect Sleep Mode

To help you create the perfect sleep environment, just turn on Perfect Sleep Mode and set the phone aside.

Lullaai then plays lullabies and white noise to help you with your bedtime routine. Once your baby is settled and sleeping soundly, our AI kicks in to automatically track his night.

Worried about the night wake ups? Not a problem! When your baby wakes up Lullaai starts to play white noise to help soothe him/her back to sleep. 

Lulaai will track your baby’s night and give you a full report in the morning. The AI learns which sounds help your baby resettle and get back to sleep faster.

The natural way of helping your baby sleep

With our 20 minutes pre bed routines you will be creating a special time to bond with and enjoy your baby. No more struggling to fall asleep.

Your emotions matter too

At Lullaai we believe in the importance of your baby’s wellbeing, but also yours. You have your own space for registering your daily emotions. 

Taking care of yourself means acknowledging your feelings and seeing how sleep can affect them. 

We’ve got your back!


Get extra help: Live sessions with our Baby Sleep Consultants and experts about different topics. 

Live Chat

Chat with our Baby Sleep Consultants and resolve all your worries and questions about your baby’s sleep. 

Our mission: Your family's wellbeing

Lullaai was created with one idea in mind: Everybody should have access to the best baby sleep expertise.

The Lullaai team believes sleep debt shouldn’t  be an obstacle in your family’s development.

But the most important thing is: Lullaai is based on the personal experience of its founders: Parents, just like you!

We have created the Lullaai Plan using the know-how of our team of experts. This easy to understand guide was created to be followed at your own pace.