Negative Associations in the Dream of Babies

The so-called negative associations to sleep are external supports, mostly dependent on the action and presence of an adult, that your children need to fall asleep and that over time end up becoming custom and repeatedly needing them both to sleep at the beginning of the night to reconcile sleep in the night awakenings.

The most common and easy to acquire are through food, breast or bottle, arms and rocking. But for tastes the colors, there are children who need the step cart, touch mom’s hair, dad’s specific arms, a certain song, the car seat, with the inconvenience of logistics at certain times of the night, etc …

Does it sound like something to you? I imagine so …

The good news is that we can change those negative associations because:

One year old baby crying in bed with a teddy bear

Sleep is a habit that is learned.

The secret is to teach your children to sleep alone, without those supports, so that they have a pleasant and restful sleep.

How will you get it?

  • With a safe, calm and firm attitude on your part. Be constant always from the love.
  • Having a predictable routine at bedtime. Always the same because it gives them security and confidence
  • Having a predictable routine at bedtime. Always the same because it gives them security and confidence
  • Lay your son awake and accompany him until he falls asleep. Whisper softly, caress him, pat him, calm him whenever he needs.
  • In waking up, wait a little before intervening, they are totally normal, we all wake up at night, many babies find a way to sleep alone a few minutes after waking up, is the way they have to link one sleep cycle with another.

Anxiety to achieve immediate changes is not a good counselor, remember that most of these associations are very entrenched over time and it is normal for our baby to resist resistance to change since she does not know how to sleep in any other way, but we experience confirms that we can change a habit in a short space of time if we have proof during the process.

And remember… ..You are not alone!

That the time to go to sleep is a moment of enjoyment with your children and that the whole family sleep well and the pull is possible !!!!!!

If you think you need help getting it, our sleep consultants will evaluate your case and guide you through the process.

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