Our Mission

We want to democratize the access to healthy sleep habits in families in order to have healthier, happier and more active babies ready to be the leaders of tomorrow

Every baby deserves a great start in life

Not only about Sleep

Establishing healthy sleep habits not only improves the dynamics of the whole family due to better rest. It also has another effect that we, the founders, experienced first hand and more Lullaai families point out.

“My baby is not only happier, but more active and retains concepts better”

More and more Lullaai Families are telling us this. This is not only a feeling they have but it is backed by recent research.

Psychology and psychiatric department at the university of California

Sleeping today, dreaming tomorrow

At Lullaai we believe every baby deserves the best opportunities. That is why we are working on tools and solutions that empower parents to establish healthy sleeping habits in their families.

Good habits last forever. We are confident that starting life out with healthy habits makes stronger, better babies ready to take on the world.