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About Lullaai

Lullaai is a Spanish startup with office with international experience and vision that works with the latest technology for the healthy development of babies. Lullaai aims to bring to parents worldwide innovation in education and development of babies bringing down price and complexity.

Starting with healthy sleep habits for babies, Lullaai is making it simpler and more adequate for parents to develop healthy sleep patterns for their babies and families.

Our offices

Madrid, Spain

Avda Manoteras 24, 2da planta Zink Emprende
Madrid, Madrid

Toronto, Canada

38 Elm Street, suite 3008
M5G 2K5
Toronto, Ontario

We Want to Know What you Think

Contact us for anything you want to tell us, we always have an open ear for your opinion

Techstars 2020

Lullaai enters the BSH Future Home Accelerator by Techstars to further develop the experience

Bamboo Bamboo

Lullaai nominated as Best Parenting App by Bamboo Bamboo Baby Store


Lullaai’s logo can be used in both still and motion variants with the use of .GIF or Lottie Files. Lullaai Sleepy Eye Logo is our in motion version of the logo and should be used in digital media when possible.

Lullaai Sleepy Eye Logo – should be used when possible over the conventional logo.

Lullaai Logo with a gradient over transparent logo.

Pronounced Lulla·ai

Lullaai is the combination of Lullaby and AI. It refers to bringing confort in a familiar and natural fashion. AI does not only refer to Artificial Intelligence but to our compromise of bringing the latest technologies that bring more accesible wellbeing. 

Lullaai Baby Sleep App is a short reference we sometimes use to our primary service.

It should always be written Lullaai

LullaAI or LullaAi are not how we express our brand.

Lullaai Logo Short Version

Lullaai’s logo in a short form is best used as closure, app icon or quick reference to Lullai. Both negative and positive versions can be applied equally

Lullaai short version over transparent

Lullaai short version, negative logo