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Lullaai combines the best research, baby sleep trainer expertise and the power of technology to approach baby sleep from all its angles. Lullaai simplifies the way you understand and manage baby sleep so all your family can have healthy sleep habits.

Lullaai aims to improve sleep for all the family, we want to help you in the process! But how?

We want to Thank the Techstars Community for all the support that they have given us in this incredible journey. For this reason we want to give Techstars, all its portfolio companies and employees

1 Year of Lullaai Premium for Free

  • Plan Lullaai: 15 nights sleep plan to get your baby to sleep better
  • Perfect Night Mode: sound routines that will help your baby relax to sleep through the night by automatically playing sounds that will help him/her fall asleep again when night awakenings happen. 
  • Sleep diary: naps and night tracking.  
  • Emotional diary: keep track of your emotions and how you feel.
  • Extra content and free webinars for Premium members
*you can talk to a baby sleep consultant through chat at additional cost.
* If your company wants personalised video baby sleep consultations we also have a team for that

We would greatly appreciate it if you could give us a nice review in the AppStore or Google Play Store in return, This would help us grow bigger and help more parents.

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In order to get Lullaai Premium for your company, please get in contact with us through the above form and
we will generate a process for your employees to enjoy 1 Year of Lullaai Premium.