Wake windows, all you need to know

Do you know what children’s wake windows are?

Day Time Awake Windows is a fairly common term among sleep experts and refers to the maximum length of time a child can stay awake based on their age. It is also known as the awakening periods as they are a guide to determine the time a child can spend without sleeping between naps. 

Learning about wake windows is very important as it helps us regulate sleep schedules, feeding times, and other activities. It also helps children arrive at the right time at bedtime, not very active or awake, or either hyper tired.

To learn healthy sleep routines and habits for the little ones, we must know about their wake windows; this way, we can promote the hours of rest they need.

The daytime awake windows change as the little ones grow; this is a general guide, but do not forget that each baby has particular needs that can change even on a day-to-day basis. The most important thing is that you learn to identify the needs and specific times of your baby.

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