Why is it important that babies have a sleep routine?

Did you know that sleep is one of the things you should take care of the most for your baby? Of course, we have learned to take care of feeding, hygiene, and health in general, but one often neglected thing is babies’ sleep. Sleep is a habit that is built from childhood. We learn to regulate our sleep and waking hours since we are around 6 months old; that’s why it is very important to take care of the children’s daily sleep routines. Healthy sleep habits not only will allow babies to be more attentive, happier, and calmer during the day, it will also cultivate a practice that will bring benefits for a lifetime.

Acquiring a new habit requires practice and perseverance, but also knowledge. There are three fundamental pillars that all people should keep in mind when starting a sleep routine:

  • Set a schedule. Importantly, naps and bedtime should be as stable as possible because this will make your baby stress-free and therefore ready for bedtime. Try to put your baby to bed between 7 and 8 in the evening. 
  • Appropriate environment. The cot must be as clear as possible and not have too many toys. We would advise giving the baby a comforter (transitional object) only to relax at bedtime and sleep with it.  In addition, we must ensure that the room is as dark as possible and that it is at the right temperature (20ºC – 22ºC).
  • Set a routine. Routines help babies anticipate what comes next and make them feel very secure and reassured! Although the order of activities may vary between baby and baby, we recommend that routine last at least 30 minutes after bathing and that it includes moments of bonding or connection with your little one.

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